6 Reasons Why It Might Be Time For GO!

GO! exists to provide marketing, creative & tech businesses with the knowledge, processes, network, skills and influence to grow their client base and maximise the conversion of profitable new business.

Over the last few months, we have started to recognise & capture the trends in our clients businesses that have led to them engaging and succeeding at new business transformation through our model.

Below are the 6 signs that marketing & digital business leaders might recognise in their own businesses currently;

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Russell Oakley
Joining a start up business - Faye Guy, Operations Manager

The thought of joining another start-up business both excited and worried me, as I had experienced this before and it didn’t go how I had hoped. However, from the minute I met both Gareth and Russell, I knew it would be different this time! They had their heads well and truly screwed on and this wasn’t something they had decided to do overnight it was 2 years in the making, behind the scenes, running up to this moment.

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GO! BlogFaye Guy
We're hiring - Brand Partnerships Manager

As a key part of our rapid growth plans we are searching for a Client Account Manager to service the new business generation of key accounts within the advertising & digital space.

The successful candidate will have a Sales & Marketing background and be able to demonstrate B2B lead and revenue generation within an agency environment and a strong personal network of brand and marketing contacts…

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From The Horse's Mouth...

Over the last 5 months, I have been consulting in preparation for launching GO!

My first (and last) foray into Freelance Consulting has been extremely valuable on a number of fronts as we have looked at molding & enhancing what the business will ultimately offer and stand for. One of the key fundamentals of this exercise was to spend a great deal of time LISTENING.

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