5 Key tips for a successful Agency New Business Strategy - (these 5 are on us!)

Here at GO! we have over 15 years experience of working with and winning new business for agencies across the UK. No matter your speciality, there are a few key rules that if followed will result in more briefs, pitches and new business wins. Here are five to get you started...

1. Get organised – it’s all about timing.

It sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised at just how many well run, process driven agencies we’ve come across who forget to bring these core qualities to their sales process.

CRM systems are viewed negatively by many small agencies as these colossal admin heavy systems that create more work than they bring in. They are not!

If you don’t have a CRM system already, get one – we can recommend the best systems depending on your needs. If you do have one but it’s never being used, now is the time to change. Take the time to bring all your data up to date and train people how to use it and of the benefits of doing so.

Once you can clearly see who you’ve contacted in the past, you can then get into the habit of following up with them again at the just the right time.

2. Be clear, concise and unique.

Marketing, Digital and Brand Directors across the country are bombarded every day by agencies proclaiming to be the perfect solution to their challenge. Your agency could well be just that, but you’ll never know unless your approach stands out from the rest.

Think about how you are approaching these key individuals and what is going to make them sit up and take notice.

Review your competitors, clarify your USP and aim to make it instantly clear to those you are approaching what you do, how you do it and why you could be the perfect agency for their brand.

3. New Business is everybody’s responsibility.

You’ve hired an experienced salesperson, you're paying them well, now give them a desk in the corner and watch as new clients come flocking in. Afraid not!

Business development is the collective responsibility of every single employee of the agency. From the most junior, through to the most senior. Incentivise and train every member of staff to utilise their own network and to promote your agency at every opportunity.

New clients = agency growth, which in turn means an even better place to work for all.

4. Visualise the journey to success.

Pick a hypothetical dream client for your agency and sit down to map out exactly what it will take to get them from never having heard of you, to having you on their roster and as a vital part of their success.

Carefully plot out the key dates and opportunities you will have to make contact, the marketing materials you will need in order to drive them along your customer journey and what you want them to see and feel along the way.

Once you’ve done this you have the map, now you just have to follow it.

5. Add your creative magic to the sales process.

Creative sales is unlike any other type of sales. You’re not selling an off the shelf product. Ultimately you are selling your agencies ethos, culture, processes, skills, experience and most importantly, the creativity within each of your employees.

The key to creative sales is proving your creativity.

Don’t send a long intro email and then wonder why you never heard back from your targets. Send something tangible through the post that brings to life your creativity and that they have never received before and tee up the opportunity for a phone call and a friendly chat.

Don’t work hard to set up an intro meeting and then simply take them through your latest PowerPoint or Keynote creds deck. Add some level of creativity to your presentation, something that is going to leave an impression on your target clients and under no illusions of your ability to wow.

Business Development is the most important function for any long-term success for the agency and yet often it is neglected by the most creative people in your business. Change this and you will win more pitches. 


GO! New Business Transformation works an extension to your team to help you improve the way you approach and manage business development.

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