Joining a start up business - Faye Guy, Operations Manager

The thought of joining another start-up business both excited and worried me, as I had experienced this before and it didn’t go how I had hoped. However, from the minute I met both Gareth and Russell, I knew it would be different this time! They had their heads well and truly screwed on and this wasn’t something they had decided to do overnight it was 2 years in the making, behind the scenes, running up to this moment.

They demonstrated to me clearly that they have the knowledge and the skills to run this innovative business and they were already proving to be a great success.

I am really excited about the thought of getting in on the action and being involved in the shaping of what seems to be a very exciting business. Being part of the journey of growing the business and spreading the word about GO! was attractive to me. This is what appealed to me the most, the fact I was going to be part of the decision making, I could voice my ideas, make things my own and play an actual role in helping the business go forward.

The other appealing factor to me was the 2 Directors. On meeting both Gareth and Russell, I immediately felt comfortable and clicked with them both straight away. Genuine people with a real passion to succeed and a “live life to the fullest” attitude whilst striking the right work/life balance. This is important as a working mum of 2. The strapline to their business #everydaycounts was perfect…fresh, bold and inviting!

Immersing myself in the business has been fun and very busy but I am learning very quickly and already getting excited about the prospects for the future. I am getting to know my way around using social media to grow my own professional network, an area I have never really embraced prior to joining GO! and am learning the powers of networking and really enjoying meeting new people and being proud to introduce myself as part of the GO! team. 

From heading up recruitment, managing diaries, finding events to attend, keeping up to date with industry news, writing contracts to drafting contracts, I have a hand in most areas of the business which keeps me on my toes but gives me variety, which I enjoy.

Who knows where this role could lead, but I will be aiming high and hope to reach somewhere near the top some day! To see the business booming in 3- 5 years’ time and to know I was part of making it happen would just be fantastic and both Gareth & Russell would really deserve that. I really look forward to this journey with GO!

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